Dealing with Italy comes with several legal requirements. Among the most important is the Italian Codice Fiscale, also known as Italian Tax Code or Fiscal Code. Without this valuable personal identification number, it’s virtually impossible to handle basic life tasks like renting an apartment, getting a job, or even signing up for internet service. Available to anyone living, working, or handling any transactions within Italy, regardless of citizenship or residence, a Codice Fiscale is an indispensable part of Italian life.

What Is a Codice Fiscale?

A Codice Fiscale is essentially a government identification number that consists of a series of 16 alphanumeric characters that represents an individual's name, gender, date of birth, and place of birth. Similar to a Social Security Number in the United States or a National Insurance Number in the United Kingdom, a Codice Fiscale is used to govern most financial transactions within Italy. Codice Fiscale is used to:

Despite common perception, there is no correlation between obtaining a Codice Fiscale and a tax obligation. The simple act of securing a number does not mean you will automatically owe taxes in Italy. You will only owe taxes if you own qualifying assets in Italy or are an Italian resident with a taxable income.

Obtaining an Italian Codice Fiscale

Italian Tax Codes are usually assigned at birth to native Italians. Those who are not from Italy, like immigrants and dual citizens born elsewhere, must apply through the Italian tax authority (i.e., Agenzia Delle Entrate).

Applications are accepted at any Agenzia delle Entrate office in Italy as well as at Italian consulates and embassy offices. Unlike the costly or lengthy procedures in place in other countries, Codice Fiscale applications are processed rather quickly with official paperwork. There is no associated fee to obtain a Codice Fiscale; access to a Codice Fiscale is always free.

Application requirements for a Fiscal Code as follows:

Despite the perceived simplicity in the application process, dealing with the Italian government is notoriously challenging. From the long lines at Agenzia delle Entrate to the language barriers for non-Italian speakers, Fiscal Codes can take time and effort for those new to Italian bureaucracy.

Please be sure to verify the accuracy of your Fiscal Code paperwork. Errors can and do happen, so ensure your code matches the information on your passport before use.

Using a Representative

For those new to Italy, who do not currently reside in Italy, or who need a Codice Fiscale quickly and are not in a position to handle the necessary paperwork with the Italian authorities, using a representative can make the process fast and easy.

As Italian legal professionals, we are fully qualified to serve as your representative, handling your application with the Agenzia delle Entrate on your behalf to ensure an accurate outcome. We are highly experienced in dealings with the Italian government, offering a simple, straightforward way to help you begin your life in Italy.

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