Should you be interested in preparing a Last Will and Testament to govern your Italian assets after your death, we can examine your case with no obligation and provide you with legal assistance toward the best possible solution for your specific case. We will take care of the drafting and will attend to all steps involved.

For instance, in order to comply with your best interests in terms of legal effects and costs, it may be advisable to opt for an Italian or a foreign will or, sometimes, to not draft any will, depending on your specific circumstances.

We provide assistance in reference, but not limited, to:

  • Drafting Italian or foreign wills;
  • Identifying the inheritance law applicable to a specific case (with or without a will);
  • Advice on the distribution of inheritance assets among rightful beneficiaries (with or without a will);
  • Determining the individuals who are entitled to receive a specific inheritance (with or without a will);
  • Determining whether a will is compliant with the law or violates the minimum shares granted to the deceased’s close familiars under Italian law;
  • Reviewing and updating existing Italian and foreign wills;
  • International validation of foreign wills and any other document (e.g., certificates) to be used abroad and foreign wills to be used in Italy.

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    We promptly reply to all messages within two business days. For any urgent matters kindly type "URGENT" in the Subject.

    Your personal information will be kept strictly confidential, in compliance with current regulations.

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