At Stornelli Law Firm, we provide a full-range assistance to international clients dealing with Italian VISA (e.g., for tourism, business, student and wealthy foreign investors VISAs), permits to stay (permesso di soggiorno), and citizenship matters.

We can also counsel clients from Italy interested in getting foreign VISAs and/or citizenships.

Our professionals are well-trained to walk clients throughout the entire process. Based on an initial case analysis, we are able to advice on all options and requirements, and to prepare the application paperwork in order to obtain a reasonably positive outcome.

Specifically, our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Case analysis, focusing on specific goals and expectations
  • Individual advice on available options
  • Advice on requirements to meet, according to rules in force and our experience, in order to file a successful application
  • Assistance with housing, language courses, job haunting, and other possible requirements
  • Check and retrieve documents to be filed along with application forms (e.g., insurance bond and bank security, certificates)
  • Prepare application forms on behalf of clients
  • International formalization and legal translation of foreign documents, if needed
  • Make appointments with competent consular offices when possible
  • Step-by-step assistance throughout the full application process
  • Application for Italian Tax Code (Codice Fiscale), if needed
  • Mediate with Italian and foreign offices involved in the process
  • Judicial procedures on all immigration matters such as family reunification, political asylum and Italian Citizenship acquisition and recognition.

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